Root Down Low

by Stephen Michael Murphy

If you take a closer look, it’s obvious we live in a veiled, twilight time even with Whole Foods, Netflix, Amazon prime and the game on Saturday. Human beings constantly seeks happiness in shiny objects that never last without discerning the subtle light the objects appear in allowing them to shine. Light in the form of ordinary awareness is our true identity and the only unchanging reality, the rest of it just goes away. When the jigsaw puzzle of our existence is missing this one key piece, life’s adversity can lead to the anger and confusion we see in the news-feeds. The Vedas call the epoch we find ourselves in “Kali Yuga”, a vast period of conflict and sin, so a clash like Charlottesville  goes with the territory. While being awake at any point is precious, on the third rock, storm clouds are always gathering in the distance and fear is the calling card. You may have noticed and wished for better.

Today, corporate/state power is ramping up its ability to totally control the resources of the planet. Not pretty, from the shell shocked in Syria (it’s about a pipeline between SAU and the EU) to the starving in South Sudan, to the Water Protectors at Standing Rock. There are a myriad of pressing human issues discounted and delayed for the sake of profit that would otherwise be addressed in a more enlightened era.

What, you may ask is an inquiring mind to do? Well, just to survive the absurdities developing a sense of dispassion is a must while at the same time remaining engaged. Can you think of anything that makes this apparent existence seem more insubstantial than the election of Donald J. Trump as our Master and Commander? Cosmic humor is meant to blunt expectations with the understanding “the results of our actions are not up to us”. Further, everything we experience is the Lords burden so we’re not even remotely the author of this play. Paradoxically , it’s also time to “root down low to rise up higher” by bringing together the power of everyday people, giving a unified voice to the needs of the many and the planet over the hurtful greed of the super-wealthy. Easier said than done, the age old mantle of resistance taken up by yet another generation is daunting but blessed, with a righteous outcome the children of women will  one day witness. Soon come my friends.    Peace…..Steve

The lyric video is the title track from the new album “Root Down Low”.  (see video page)

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