I showed up on the blue planet with a sense of math, hand eye skills and a penchant for making sound.  After wandering past grave stones of every faith, the music made its way inside.  Henry bought me a Conn alto at Rayburn’s in Boston from Emilio Lyons, “the sax doctor”.  A part of me knew that day, holding the shiny metal horn, this would be my ride. Over the years, I studied with Berklee and Conservatory faculty and later with jazz great Jerry Bergonzi.  This led to a time playing professionally in a variety of musical styles, soul, R&B, rock, jazz, ska, whatever paid the rent.  Then we drove out of the snow as far south as Sue and I could go. Tropea, my jazz trio, landed a gig opening the new Hyatt hotel in Key West.  We found an island home two miles out into the Atlantic accessible only by boat.  It was there, under swaying palms, that I wrote the tunes for the Inner Revolution CD. The following spring the Infinite Tolerance Band was formed playing Sunday night reggae at Mangrove Mamas.  The band became well known for their hard driving reggae rock sound opening for international acts like Black Uhuru, Aswad and Steppenwolf.  Various projects followed including the recording of Inner Revolution which was subsequently released in late 1997.  A year and a half later, in a secluded cabin on the New York Canadian border, it took three months of organic French roast to write the “Spirit in All Things” CD.
This record’s subsequent 2001 release date was indefinitely delayed by a space odyssey (see below). Fast forward three years and 300 miles north of Cayo Hueso to the east coast surf capital of Melbourne, Florida, I’m on the barrier islands with family.  City folk here think we’re far out, but actually it’s a patch of Eden just due south of Babylon.  I wrote and recorded again and in 2006, releasing the Infinite Tolerance CD.

A few cosmic moments later with a majestic blue Atlantic Ocean still on my left and the Indian River to my right the 15 tune album “Nobody Knows How Deep It All Goes” was completed in 2011 as black gold filled the Gulf of Mexico.

Today, “Root Down Low”, another 15 tune compilation that further chronicles a journey to the stars is ready for distribution along with a remix of the never ever released 2001 “Spirit in All Things”. The 12 song “Spirit” album  contains a swath of retro originals performed live by the Inner Revolution Band in ancient times before the dawn of the smart phone. Both recordings will be available on CD and via download in late 2017.

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